Of course, we’re not for one moment suggesting rushing something as important as applying for an Australian Student Visa. As they say, “Fools rush in…” But if you’re ready to study in Australia there are some very good reasons not to procrastinate. Read on to discover the top reason to get your hustle on.

Assessment Level of the Philippines.

For the purposes of student visas, the Australian government ranks all countries into one of three risk categories. These rankings are based on things like rates of visa overstays, rates of violation of visa conditions, fraud in visa applications, security risks associated with the country, and other reasons.

These rankings are called country risk assessment levels, and are subject to change without notice. We in the industry expect announcements of any changes each April 1st and October 1st, but they can also come without warning at any time.

The Philippines has enjoyed assessment level 2 for some time now, and some of the benefits have been that certain colleges have had the freedom to waive IELTS English Language test requirements, as well as so-called Show Money requirements.

Unfortunately there are some storm clouds gathering on the horizon. Recently countries like India and Nepal have fallen from assessment level 2 to 3. This means that students from these countries are now required to have certain IELTS (or equivalent) scores to access courses, and to have the so-called Show Money.

This greatly increases the financial burden for the applicant, as well as toughening the  English language proficiency requirements and the not insignificant costs associated with obtaining the required IELTS, PTE or other score required for the students’ intended courses.

This has left education agents from many countries who usually deal with Indian and Nepalese students to “jump ship” and to pour into the Phillipines. We know that some of these agents operate with questionable ethics, and we fear that the Philippines may at some point suffer a downgrade of its assessment level. This will mean that the comparatively easy entry requirements Filipinos currently enjoy may come to an end.

For this reason we urge any prospective students who have made up their minds to study in Australia and have everything in order not dawdle along like a leisurely walk, but to get their feet in the blocks, ready to sprint! We urge you to act as soon as possible to avoid possible disappointment. You contact Reach Australia on facebook at @reachaustraliaeducation, or contact us on our website here