When updating your CV for your free assessment with Reach Australia Education, some things are more important than other things.

Here are our recommendations for inclusions and best practises for your comprehensive CV. (Resume or Bio-Data).

Actually a CV is more comprehensive than a resume. A resume you might need to keep nice and lean, and targeted at the job you’re applying for. You’d want to leave out irrelevant details. But its important to remember that you’re not applying for a job with us. We need your CV to be as up-to-date as possible, and as comprehensive as possible, with one notable exception which we will explain below.


And now onto the tips.


1) We’re not employers – so we’re not interested in your CV being “pretty”.  Instead of showcasing your creativity or design skills, please put your energy into making your CV as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible.


2. What do we mean by “comprehensive”?

In order to do the very best job we can in assessing you, we need to know every course you’ve studied, and every job you’ve had. Every small business you’ve tried, all work experience (work in the family’s business, internships paid or unpaid, etc) that you have done.  Don’t skimp here. The detail you leave out could be the detail we need to see to make the crucial connection to your intended course.

3. Things to watch:

a) unexplained gaps in your study/work history. If you were off work having a baby for a year, please mention that. If you were unemployed for 2 years after you graduated your course don’t leave us guessing… put that in.  Best practice is to provide an explanation for every gap longer than a year.

b) But – the notable exception we alluded to earlier! We really don’t need to know every seminar you’ve ever attended. Seminar attendance is not work or study experience of the type we can use. You can leave this out, and save us from sifting through it. Our assessors will love you for it!

4. Other considerations.

Part of the reason of having this assessment is that we’re looking to suggest the very best course matches for you. If you have a preferred course or location it’s good to mention that in the email accompanying your CV.   Depending on your work & study history we may not be able to accommodate you with your course preference, but if it comes down to a choice between a few courses, the fact that you want to take up a particular course could then be something we can consider more closely.

We hope that you found this helpful! Please comment below with your thoughts & questions. Maybe we can make this guide even better with your input!