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FAQ | Off-shore Enquiries

Yes, there is an age restriction. Applicants need to be between the ages of 6 and 50 to qualify for a Student Visa. However people over the age of 35 may need stronger evidence to show they will be a Genuine Temporary Entrant

Let’s find our together if you can qualify! Message us at @reachaustraliaeducation or send us an email here.

Yes. Usually you’ll need to be a K12 grad, or have completed 1 – 2 years of college. A TESDA NCII can also qualify you to meet minimum educational requirements.

Let’s find our together if you can qualify! Message us at @reachaustraliaeducation or send us an email here.

We offer numerous courses at a number of colleges, in various cities & regional areas across Australia. Once we assess your work/study history (for free) we can offer the best course proposal to suit your experience and goals.

Let’s find our together if you can qualify! Message us at @reachaustraliaeducation or send us an email here.

The majority of the courses we offer require no IELTS, and no Show Money.

However, we are expecting the situation may change this year, so definitely now is the time to act.

And it should be noted that colleges that do not require IELTS will set a free English test of their own. They do need to satisfy themselves that a prospective student can speak English well enough to be able to study in an English speaking country.

Yes we do hold free orientations. Watch our Facebook page or see our News page to see announcements of upcoming orientations. Or leave your contact details here & we can alert you when the next orientation is coming to your area.

It’s not possible to easily answer this accurately until we have assessed you and recommended a course to suit you, be it 1, 2, 3 or more years. The course length, along with the level of the course (VET vs University), subject matter (hairdressing vs engineering), and even just variations in price from school to school will all be factors.

Then that’s just the application/tuition question. There’s also costs of living which some people are thinking would be included in a quote – things like accommodation, transport etc. This varies around the country – city to city, city vs regional town, as well as how fancy (or not) your needs are, and if you’re willing to share, or travel further to save money.

Costs of living estimates can be found at the studyaustralia website. Personally, we find these costs to seem a bit high compared to our experience (admittedly though, we are located in Brisbane, which has a lower cost of living compared to Sydney or Melbourne.

In most cases, yes. With an Australian Student Visa you will be able to access the most generous work rights of just about any International Study destination in the world.

You are allowed to work up to 40hrs per two week period while classes are in session, with unlimited work hours allowed during scheduled breaks (semester breaks, Christmas break, etc).

Yes. Depending on the level of the course you are studying their work rights vary. If you are studying a Masters course your dependant will be able to work unlimited hours. If you are studying any other level, they will have similar work rights to what you enjoy on a student visa (up to 40 hrs per 2 week period) but without the unlimited work rights during class breaks.
We do have some connections and may be able to help you with job referrals. We can also help with resume preparation, and we offer 3 month Short Courses that can improve your employability by giving you an Australian recognised qualification (Certificate III)
Possibly. If you study what we sometime call a pathways course, then when you graduate & find that you have earned a skill that is in high demand in Australia (on the Medium/Long Term Skills list) then you may be able to work towards eventual permanent residency in Australia.
Yes, as stated on the Home Affairs website, 45 years is the cut-off age for skilled migration.
If you are onshore we can help you regardless of your nationality. If you are offshore we may be able to help you with certain courses.

Definitely legit, but you're right - you should be very cautious!

Unfortunately, it's actually within the Philippines that there are many scams aiming to part fellow Filipinos from their hard earned money. They usually tickle your ears with false rosy promises that contradict the accurate advice that an Australian-based company like ours, would give you.

That will depend on what we recommend for you based on our assessment, but usually 1, 2 or 3 years. Sometimes 4 years.

FAQ | On-shore Enquiries

Yes, I’m sure we can help. Call us on +61 432 666 772, or +61 426 335 174, or +61 424 774 734, or send us an email here.
Perhaps we can help you. Let’s find our together if you can qualify. Call us on +61 432 666 772, or +61 426 335 174, or +61 424 774 734, or send us an email here.
I’m sure we can help you with this. Call us on +61 432 666 772, or +61 426 335 174, or +61 424 774 734, or send us an email here.

Yes! We are now able to offer short courses (Cert III) that can be completed in 3 months!

To learn more, please enquire here.