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Professional Advice

We are qualified Australian Government-licensed professionals, dedicated to doing our best to map out an education pathway for every student.

Reach Australia has one overarching goal – to enable students to reach their dream – to study, work and live in Australia via the Australian Student Visa opportunity.

Personalised Assistance

We take the time to sit, talk and plan with you. We show you options and pathways that best fit your qualifications and budget.

We bring to fruition your dreams by seeking out the best solution to your problems.

Study, Work & Live in Australia

Reach Australia is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with an ever growing list of satellite offices located throughout the Philippines.

We are Qualified Education Agents and work in association with a Registered Migration Agent who will painstakingly review your documents to ensure they are compliant, maximising your chances of success.

When you enter our doors, we work with you to develop a clear pathway forward, so you can STUDY, WORK and LIVE in Australia.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

We are your one-stop-shop for all your international study and education concerns. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to give your application the very best chance of approval.

We are loyal to no single provider, but only to your study and career goals.

We Put You First

At REACH Australia Education WE PUT YOU FIRST!

Your first step towards reaching your dreams in Australia starts here!

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Additional Services

Here are a selection of some additional services we can offer:

  • Australian Student Visa
  • College Admissions
  • Career Counselling
  • Course Matching
  • Education Counselling
  • Document Validation
  • ABN, TFN and AFP Assistance
  • OSHC Assistance
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Job Searching Aid
  • and MORE!

Our Application Process

Our Application Process

We also believe in structure, efficiency and authenticity and adhere to a system that guards the integrity of the admission and visa process.

Our Application Process

  • Interview and Course Matching
    – Assessing that applicant meets the Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion
  • Document Validation
    – Validating that documents submitted are genuine and authentic
  • Pre-enrolment Orientation
    – About the course, college and campus
    – About studying in Australia. Referring the applicant to: www.studyinaustralia.gov.au
    – Output of the orientation: Statement of Purpose
  • Submission of Application to Providers
    – Understanding and Meeting the Entry Requirements
    – Securing OSHC and the importance of an OSHC
  • Accepting the Offer
    – Understanding the conditions of the offer- Understanding the Payment Obligations
    – Understanding the Refund Policy
  • Confirmation of Enrolment
    – Understanding the COE
    – Understanding the CRICOS
  •  Visa Application
    – Filling out the Student Information Sheet
    – Revalidation of Documents
    – Final review of GTE against Ministerial Direction 69
    – Signing of Waivers and Declarations
  •  Pre-Departure Orientation– What documents to bring
    – Customs regulations in Australia
    – What to pack
    – Emergency contacts
    – Culture, life-style, etc.• Arrival in Australia
    – Airport Pick-up if requested
    – Accommodation Assistance if requested

    • Post Arrival Services
    – Resume preparation
    – How to job hunt
    – Opening a bank account
    – Securing a USI
    – Getting a TFN
    – Assistance with Go Card Concessions
    – Regular Social & Networking Events

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